From the recording Change Your Mind


Solomon Childs New Color
Wu Tang talk to her bro

I had a chance to be your Lover
It fell right through my hands
I dropped the ball on our love
That wasn't the plan
(Right) Never showed you
I never showed you
What did I do (Oooo) What did I do
Could have told you
I guess I could have
Shared my feelings Baby
(Talk to Her)
And if I wanted another
That's where I'd be
All the assumptions
You making are unnecessary
Never played you Oooo no no no no
I never played you
I never played you
After all I gave you
All that I gave you
It takes two
It takes two(Is it going to be Me) Baby

Changing ya Mind
If we going to be together (Baby)
We going to be together
It's just a vibe
You know what I mean however
You got to stop changing your mind
Changing your mind
Changing on me
Every time I turn around
It's one way(Over Again)
It's like what it's going to be?
A real man needs a real woman
Is it going to be me?

The Sunrise
Good morning Valentine
I know it ain't Valentines Day
It's just a Vibe (Right)
A shooting star glistened off her eyes
Shooting for paradise
Passionate elegant taste
Destination space
Definition love however
Never say never
Never say forever
Right as the love fades
These are the breaks
Love that would
Put your mind through a cycle
That'll come back around like a circle
But really it's a problem
When you attracting Laura Winslow
And she confident like Lizzo
Bag Berkin compact pistol
Never pressed on letting it go
Like a whistle (Right)
Cuz a real man needs a real woman
Independent but still
Your partner secure (Right)
Amazing real boss
Woman for sure (Baby)

Changing your mind (Over Again)
You gotta stop doing that
Changing your mind
Cause it's like I wanna be here
(Changing your Mind) and
I know you want to be here
(Changing on Me)
Never say never, but you
Keep changing your mind
(Over again)
It's just throwing a
(Changing your Mind)
Wrench in the whole system
Changing(Changing your Mind)
We got to just do
What we do(Changing on Me)
Yo Smoove bring'em to Church
Bring'em to Church
(Changing your mind Ooooo
Yeahhh OOOOooooo)

I bought up all the shops roses
Special delivery
Hoping this makes you smile
Show you what you mean to me
Can I come through (Right)
Can I come through
You know you want to
(I know you want To)
Can we go cruise(Go Cruise)
Come on now let's go cruise
Like we use to(Baby Whoa)(Right)
How you going to fight the feeling
When you know you want the same
A simple misunderstanding
Don't throw it all away
Girl I want you(I do want You))
Adore you(Adore you, adore You) But you say your threw
Well let me get to
Changing your mind (Baby)
(I do want You)
Bottom line
(You keep changing your Mind)
It's just going to be us
Ooooooo(Changing on me)
Never mind all that other shit
(Why you keep changing your Mind)
You keep changing your mind
(This is us Man)
Yeahhhh (Stop changing your mind)
Changing on me(Is is gonna be Me)