From the recording CHANGE

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Is this thing on, these words are here for change, mic check mic check , I'm not asking for it (we the people) by now its kinda obvious

Turned on my television , saw a black man face down on the ground. cop knee in his neck, while the other cops just looked around. picked up my newspaper, sister shot while sleeping in bed, cops smashed in her door, put 8 bullets in her body and her head. They traded shooting for lynching, but I'm dead just the same. excuses they make, are far more evil than they are lame. In 63 Sam Cooke said, a change is gonna come, but they still beat me down, like they beating on a drum.

Change, I need it, Change I ain't see no change when we gonna get this change done (we gonna do it)
Change, get this change, Change. change I know we can make this change happen,(I know we can do it) Listen.

All my white brothers, (sister and brothers) who love county and god, standing silently by, while I'm murdered by a blue dress mob.
All my white patriots, standing silently by, need to make this change happen, instead of watching me suffer and die.
I don't hate you, so why you hating on me.I need this change ,so we can all be free. It's time for a change, you know you feel it in your heart. Let's work together let's make a brand new start.

Oooo Change, Change Ooo yeah when we gonna make this thang happen, we need it. Change, gotta get it done right now,
Change gotta go vote right now Change gotta get going right now. We need ya, we need
Change, Change that change, I ain't see no change, when we gonna get this change done, said I need it right now.
Change, I need it Change ,we need it, when we gonna get this change done, for you and me.

This song is just a glimpse of what's going on right now man.I had a talk with my mom and she feels like, now is the time to turn the corner for change but I'm like damn ma when dad died, he had stories like "I don't know why these crackers try and run us away, when we was trying to do was shine shoes to make some money. He died at 83 didn't happen, it's not happening. My brother retired and like damn I just asked him yo share with me your feelings bruh, this his first song writing experience ever but when it's your reality it's easy to tell what's going on. So I'm worried, worried about me, my daughter, my grands, my son, my family, my people, my wife. This is long over due, long over due we need this.

Change, Change I ain't see no change like, when we gonna make this change happen, say we need it need
Gotta get it done right now, Change,(right now)gotta go vote right now (right now)gotta get on right now (right now) we need ya, we that change
Change, Change, I need it, we need it
Change, I need it, right now, Change right now

Thanks for listening , let it just soak in your mind, get out there and get your hands dirty, get in good trouble, you know what I'm saying. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.